Challenging Relationship With My Child’s Parent

Many times parents who share a child(ren), find it hard to get along. This is normal and because it’s normal it provides a great opportunity for prayer. One of the main reasons people are challenged in this way is because they’ve misplaced this person in their relationship levels. So the question becomes what type of relationship should we have?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” –

While this is a difficult concept, it becomes very simple when you consider yourself. In other words, how do you love yourself? When you answer this question, you know how to love your child’s other parent.

[Pray This]

Lord, help me to treat my child’s other parent like a neighbor. In this way, help me to love them like I love myself, in Jesus’ name.

Your Action (What action based on your prayer can you take?):
Begin establishing your child’s other parent in an appropriate relationship category as a neighbor so that you can avoid misplacing in the relationship-levels they shouldn’t be in.

For more on this topic, see “The Missing Relationship Type.”

Prayer Disclaimer Notice: prayer is not a miracle, it’s our conversation with God which gives us insight on how to respond to our situations and the world around us. For more detail, please review our prayer disclaimer notice in its entirety, available at  

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