Most of the time spent in prayer is waiting on an answer.

What are you doing during what others call the waiting period? Do you think the answer is in the waiting? And how much time do you really think God needs to answer your prayer? Have you ever considered it’s not God, but rather it’s you?

Prayer Condition:
I pray and I wait. It seems as if most of the time spent in prayer is waiting on an answer. I see it when others pray and it happens to me when I pray. In most cases, the problem either worsens or I just live with it and forget about it.

“Next were the people from Tekoa, though their leaders refused to work with the construction supervisors.” –

The Prayer:
You might be thinking, what in the world does this scripture have to do with this prayer condition? I can see you scratching your head, so let me explain. These are the words of Nehemiah, who like you, prayed, waited and nothing happened. Then he did something. He went to work on the prayer he prayed and as a result, he went from cup-bearer to the person who was appointed and was in charge of construction supervisors. His waiting changed from waiting to action when he decided to put in the work.

[Pray This] Lord, I want to be like Nehemiah, who went from cup-bearer to the person who appointed and oversaw construction supervisors. He saw his prayer answered because as he waited on You he went to work. Like Nehemiah, I’m going to work on my prayer. Will You help me as I take these steps? In Jesus’ name.

Your Action:
(What action based on your prayer can you take?)

Today, I take whatever step I can possibly take. I  realize I have what I need to make those steps today and I need nothing more at this time.

For more on this topic, see “A Plan to Move On.”

Prayer Disclaimer Notice: prayer is not a miracle, it’s our conversation with God which gives us insight on how to respond to our situations and the world around us. For more detail, please review our prayer disclaimer notice in its entirety, available at  
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