It’s Your Problem, Own It

When The Problem You Face Isn’t Going Anywhere?

The Reason for a Thirty Thousand Foot Prayer – Part 4

Let’s get real and start thinking illogically, not like the ordinary. Ordinary is not enough when it comes to your problem. In fact, it’s normal, ordinary, natural, that brought the situation upon you in the first place. 

Take Your Eyes Off The Past And Look To The Future
There’s no time to keep looking back and focusing on the past. The problem is what it is now. 

Now Nehemiah is beginning to turn the corner. He’s getting beyond the “why is this happening?” He’s realizing that even knowing why doesn’t change the circumstances. Can you get beyond the “why is this happening” questions? You’ll soon find out that this doesn’t matter. Trying to figure out “why” keeps you looking backward when it’s time to look forward. Nehemiah is beginning to take his eyes off of the past and start looking at the future. Even if we know why, does it matter?

In this part of Nehemiah’s prayer, he acknowledges that he’s ready to honor God. His heart now is ready as you’ll see in his next statement which I’ll give you in just a moment. It’s time for us to ask a new question. Not why the problem, but “why me?” These are my people who else should have this burden? This problem is impacting me, who else should be involved in getting it resolved? This problem was brought to my attention, who then should God use to demonstrate His greatness? You see Nehemiah mentioned Moses, but God intends to use this thirty-thousand-foot prayer problem to make Nehemiah a Moses, uncommon. Nehemiah, like you and I, must take our eyes off of the past (Moses) and place them in the future Nehemiah (you and me).

“O Lord, please hear my prayer! Listen to the prayers of those of us who delight in honoring you. Please grant me success today by making the king favorable to me. Put it into his heart to be kind to me.” –

Settle In Your Mind That It’s Your Problem
Nehemiah realizes that this is a problem too big for himself, so he needs God. God has chosen to bring it to me and regardless of what I think; God knows best. He knows who’s the best person to get it done. Now it’s time to think illogically, because normal tactics aren’t going to work. You see, my job (Nehemiah’s job) isn’t hard compared to God’s. He has to take someone like me (Nehemiah) and make something great happen. He may as well be creating something from nothing, people out of dirt. Oh, He’s already done that before and is good at it. So let’s take a new, not common, but illogical approach since it’s in my (Nehemiah’s) court. All the normal signs say it’s not possible so we can stop looking at conventional methods. It’s going to take something different.

I can understand why a person would ask the question “why me?” An ordinary person doesn’t feel qualified, equipped, or even capable of doing something great or worthwhile. The secret is that God knows best. You’ve been chosen for your problem because inside of you is what I call extraordinary. If God had for one moment thought you’d remain ordinary in the face of your problem, He would have chosen someone else. Trust me because He knows best, He selected the best, in you. So put aside your feelings of inadequacy and take ownership for what He has placed in your path. Despite what you might think, it’s not going to take a huge step, but many small ones. Can you take a small step? Settle it in your mind, the problem is yours.

Get real, start thinking illogically because ordinary thinking never produces greatness. Nehemiah came to grips with the fact that He was praying a thirty-thousand-foot prayer and since he was getting nowhere, no results, It was time to bring his prayer down, out of the clouds, to the ground. What about you?

Question: How can you bring your thirty-thousand-foot prayer from above the clouds to down on the ground to where you are? 

Join us next week as we look into how one feels when this bigger than life prayer problem hits the ground where you are. Until then, share this content with a few people; it’s the best way to show your appreciation. Thanks for visiting

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