Normal is No Longer Working

What it Means to Be No Longer Common? Part 1

“Normal” is No Longer Working

Most people think normal is the way to be.

If you think normal is okay; it’s not. Normal is the person who doesn’t win the game. Normal is the person who doesn’t make the best grades. Normal is the person who fails to get the degree.

Normal is the family that can’t find a way to get along with each other.  Normal is the person who works another man’s dreams all their life.  Normal is the person who does life without ever being themselves.  Normal is the person who puts on a mask to make others accept and like them. I can go on with this for days.

Normal finds its way into every part of our existence and no one ever questions it.

The point is…“normal” is no longer working. It never worked. Society, other normal people and even the devil, wants you to remain “normal”. They all want to hold you back, keep you under their control, and make sure you remain “normal”.

20160103 -Normal- is No Longer WorkingThis brings up three thought provoking questions:

  • How did I become ordinary in the first place?
  • Have I fallen prey to being like everyone else?
  • If everyone is ordinary then what’s wrong with being ordinary?

How did I become ordinary in the first place?
Normal began the day the first man decided to do something without God.  The absence of God in any area of our lives will produce “normal” results.  Separation from God [sin] produces “normal”. He isn’t normal. He isn’t like anything else. He’s not like anyone else.  He is unlike anything you will ever encounter. When the first man separated from God, he introduced this new behavior that today shows up in our lives as “normal” or better stated unlike God.

Have I fallen prey to being like everyone else?
Yes. You have fallen prey to being like everyone else-common. The simple reason is because you didn’t know not to do such. You’ve never been taught any other way to be.  Anytime you do any part of life (let’s make it personal, your life) without God, you have made that part of your life “common”.

If you selected your college major without God, you went down a “common” path.
If you allowed how you performed in school to dictate whether you’ll be a success or not, then you allowed “common” to prey upon you.
If your relationship with others looks like relationships you see around you, then you’ve fallen prey to “common”.
Even in church, if you’re having similar results in life-share similar experiences with those around you, more than likely you’ve been a prey for “common”.

If everyone is ordinary then what’s the problem with it?
The problem with being like everyone else is that you know the outcome already, but don’t want to accept it.  You know your friends’ relationships are suffering and you see similar signs in your own.  You see your friends’ financial troubles and you too have financial problems.  You see results in others, that you are having yourself. You’re just in denial.

The problem with being normal is that “normal” sets ceilings for your life and your situations that God didn’t set.

If you haven’t realized it yet; being “normal” is no longer working.

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