No Longer Disqualified

In my culture, it’s rare to have a woman in a position of power. Today in America it’s less strange than former days, however, it’s still less likely. Even in churches, having a woman in charge isn’t as welcomed as having men in charge.

Before I continue, this message is not one that promotes women’s rights nor any of the controversial issues surrounding such a topic, but rather a message that will illustrate how “common” cultural values and society norms have contributed to polluting the way of life God intended for us to enjoy.

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Deborah, the wife of Lappidoth, was a prophet who was judging Israel at that time. (Judges 4:4 NLT)

Let me start by saying, I ran into a conflict with my thinking. Here sits Deborah, a woman in one of the highest positions of power in Israel. In fact she was the only female judge-ruler and military warrior-mentioned in the Bible.

Why is she mentioned? This verse of scripture was placed in our Bibles with purpose.  God wanted us to see it and know that a woman (like a man) can not only serve in positions of power, but more importantly serve His purpose.

“Common” would have you believe that a woman can’t be just as good, just as important or just as successful as a man.
“Common” would have a husband believe that his wife would be unable to accomplish such a dynamic career and be a great wife at the same time.

God says otherwise.

What’s most interesting is that Deborah was not just a woman, she was a wife. She had a husband which meant she had to make this family dynamic-wife and military leader-work.  And God wants you to know that you can too!  He can give you the balance needed to support your family while carrying out your various roles.

The dynamics, no matter how strange they may be, can work.  With you, God, plus your unique situation, you can be just as successful as Deborah-the wife, military leader and judge in Israel.

Because Deborah was unlike the other women (no-longer-common) of her day, she became something no other woman had been-and so can you. So can anyone who chooses to do the thing they have been called to do in Christ.

I declare today that you were created to be what others said you would not be. He is calling you out…In Jesus’ name.

Question: What have you been tasked to accomplish, but race, gender, disability, age or skill-sets have counted you out of doing?  Leave your comments.

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