Next Level Bible Study

Take Your Study of The Bible to the Next Level

Next Level Bible Study

Why do people read the Bible?
Where should I start if I want to read it?
The Bible doesn’t make sense to me.
Why are there different types of Bibles?
Why are there so many if it is all the same stuff?
Is it even relevant for today?
I tried reading it, but it is not my kind of reading.
There are too many names and words that I can’t pronounce or understand.

I decided to start with these common questions and statements that I have heard for the last forty years. In one of our more recent virtual groups, we heard similar questions and frankly I’m tired of good intentioned people and (more so) people of faith having challenges when it comes to reading the one book that has the answers, we need to master life.

Let me ask you this. If there were a book or guide of sorts that had what you needed to be successful at everything you do, wouldn’t you like to have that? What if this book was written in a language that you couldn’t read or understand, would you give up on finding a way to unlock the knowledge it contained so that you could have the success that it promises? Sure, you would not. You would find someone who is fluent in the language or someone who could decode it for you. I would imagine that you would do whatever it took to get those answers from the book. While this scenario that I have described sounds fictitious, it is not. This is exactly what the Bible is like. 

It has the answers to life and even life after life on earth. It has the answers to bring success and the answers to avoid calamity. However, as I mentioned in my illustration above, what most (51% or more of us) don’t know is, the Bible is encoded in a way that it could read like it were a foreign language. Well, we are about to unlock the encoding for you. At the same time, its encoding isn’t even difficult to understand. It was written so that you could gain what it calls “eternal” life or better stated life that goes beyond what’s normal, average, deserved, and even beyond what you could ever imagine your life being. 

Before we can get into the meat of this new series of messages, allow me to give you an overview of its sections. I have grouped the series into sections so that we have an organized approach to what we call “Next Level Bible Study.”

Section 1 – A Next Level View of The Bible
Let’s talk about The Bible. This first section is all about changing one’s view of the Bible. In fact, how we see a thing determines its effectiveness. If you think living on a budget is hard and unnecessary, then creating a budget will have little interest to you. Until you change your perspective about budgeting then you will never unlock its potential to improve your finances. The same is true of the Bible. We have allowed people in our lives to give us an inappropriate, negative, and false view of the most popular book in the history of mankind.

Section 2 – The Practice of Bible Study 
In section two, we will discuss the approach to studying the bible, the tools available, the types of Bibles, and what it looks like in practice to study it. In this section, we provide a clear picture of how-to tailor studying the Bible to fit your personality and personal preference. I bet you have never heard it put that way. What I am sure you have heard is some churchie dialect or jargon that makes it seem like this book is only for people who belong to “the group.” What you will soon learn here is that even “the group” has very little understanding of this book that has the ability to unlock heaven in your world. By the way…this is Next Level Bible Study!

Section 3 – Studying It at the Next Level
Let’s talk about how we study the Bible at the next level. In this section, we discuss not only studying it, but ways to ensure that you study and enjoy your time studying. If the Bible is meant to be studied, then there must be a better way and some results that one can expect from investing time studying. There is an endless wealth of knowledge available in its pages and it is up to us to unlock its treasures and I want to make sure you have what you need on your journey to discovering its power. This book is unlike any other book that exists and if you miss out on it, then miss out on having the knowledge to understand life and what goes beyond life itself.  

As you might be gathering, I am painting this concept of studying the Bible in the best possible light that I can. I figure that we have heard the negatives about it for far too long and now it is time to see it with a different lens. Keep in mind this most important disclaimer. This is not common, average, or ordinary Bible Study, but next level. Even when it comes to how we study the Bible, ordinary is not enough. A common approach isn’t working well. The default teaching or learning that we pick up won’t be enough. It is this common approach which has led to the questions and statements that we opened this introduction with. My goal in taking Bible Study to the next level is this: I want to make you long to read and love to read it. I want you after experiencing this content to enjoy your time reading and studying its words. I want you to never put it down. I want this book to be your go-to for the rest of your life. I want you to have a Next Level Bible Study.

Question: What is your initial impression of The Bible?

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