New Thinking Awaits You

Unconventional Work Habits, Business Ethics, and Career Building – Part 5

Think for a change, think uncommonly
I’ve not done my job if I lead people to think that the message of “no-longer-Common” is a new way of life.  Making such a reference would mean your way of thinking is broken or inadequate.  Your way of thinking isn’t broken.  Most of us just didn’t know any other way to think.  I read a book called, Thinking for a Change, where I picked up this quote and many other thoughts.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – James Allen

As a person thinks in his/her heart so is he
I learned that your life is the sum total of your best thinking.  What you think of yourself produces the person you see today.  No one is to blame for you being you.  In fact (going left), you should be mad at yourself for not being the person you want(ed) to be.  I know some blame their ex-spouse, others blame their parents and there are those that blame an unfair situation.  Well, you can stop with all that, no one is the blame for you being normal, but you.  If you want to change who you are, just change how you think.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

To be uncommon requires elevating your thoughts
Stop reading if you plan on remaining ordinary, average or mediocre; there’s no sense in you continuing. Let me go further left, especially for my fellow Christians…  How can you say you’ve been in the presence of God when your thinking remains the same limited thinking you’ve always had?  How can one say they’ve talked to God and have no new way of thinking and doing?  I must say you haven’t.  How can one encounter God and remain the same ordinary person?

If this is you and your thoughts haven’t been elevated, you’ve not spoken to God.  You see, His ways are so much better. His way of thinking is much higher that there is no way you can ever encounter Him without going to a higher place in your thinking, ways and practices.  It’s His presence that makes us unlike anyone else.

Doing what no one else would
I don’t won’t this message of being no-longer-common to seem like a new way of thinking.  There are some who get it, but the majority don’t.  I have a desire to tilt the scale so that more and more get it.  I want to expose you to the difference between being common and something so much better.  In you lies dormant a seed that’s ready to grow into something the world has never seen.  In you is a gift, a talent, a skill or a trade that’s the key to your success and your family’s future.  What are you waiting for to do what you thought you should, that which no one else would?

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