The Problem is Me, Not God

What’s the Problem With God Hearing Me?

Introduction to the 30 Thousand Foot Prayer – Part 8

In this message, I have two objectives I want to make sure I cover.
One, the average person believes that God doesn’t hear them.
Two, never believe what ordinary people believe. Not only does God want to hear from you, bad you, evil you, good you, broken you, prosperous you, He leans in to hear what you have to say. 

I don’t believe He hears me.

This is a normal thought that most (51% and greater) have. With this attitude comes other commonly expressed concerns. Why would God of all people (if He were a people, person) want to hear from me?

Accepting this is the easy way out of praying. I tell you the truth if I thought my actions kept God from hearing me I wouldn’t pray either. Think of it this way, if the devil wanted to convince you that your prayers wouldn’t be heard, wouldn’t he use this tactic of you not feeling “worthy” to keep you from opening your lips and talking to the One who actually cares about you and what you have to say? 

If I didn’t want you to have a conversation with God, who can help you out of your situation, I’d tell you why you shouldn’t either. That’s so normal and we fall for it every day and I’m going to make certain this is the last day you fall for it. The only person I’ll accept this type of thinking from is a person who doesn’t know that God exists. This person would be exempted, everyone else should be ashamed to admit such a belief. This type of thinking says there’s no way you could be reading your Bible and no way you know anything about God. (Sorry, that went left for a second.) Allow me to continue.

Don’t automatically assume that He doesn’t hear you simply because that’s what normal people think. What does this mean for you and the outcome you wish to receive? It would be easy to accept that God doesn’t hear you than you trying to figure out what might be stopping your prayer from being answered. It would be easier for you to keep your mouth closed and not ask God. I’m not going to let you have the easy way out of this one, just so that you can blame our gracious God. God says, “if a man lack wisdom, he must ask for it.” He also says He’s a God who honors the requests of people; we have not because we’re stupid enough not to ask.”  (That might have been a tidbit too strong.) It’s time to pay attention and do what needs to be done. Don’t forget we’re talking about communicating with God; not your mother, not your cousin, not your brother, not pastor. Talking to God; this is quite important.

God can hear. 

Most people actually believe that God doesn’t hear them or can’t hear them. And I understand why. I can think of some people who I wish I couldn’t hear at times. It’s easy to ask the question, why would God listen to me? If you knew my secrets (and He does), what I’ve done or not done, you’d understand why God wouldn’t possibly want to see me coming. This attitude is common. It’s my greatest joy to dispel normal thinking.

I need you to understand this one thing, if I can hear you, so can God. It’s important to know that God can hear your voice whether you want Him to or not. By the way, it’s not up to you or what you think, whether God wants to hear what you say or not. That’s His decision. We don’t get to choose for God and don’t you allow anyone else to tell you differently.

He hears your voice.

How would you feel if you knew that The Lord hears your voice no matter what? Well, I have good news, He does. God, Himself will bend down towards you just to hear you speak to Him. 

“I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!” –

I understand this, I want my readers to understand. It’s the reason why I will pray as long as I have breath to speak. In fact, I look forward to every conversation I have with Him and if you continue with this content so will you.

Since He hears us. What might be blocking our responses coming back? Do you even know who He [God] is? This will have a lot to do with how you approach Him. The less you know about Him, the more ineffective you’ll be in communicating with Him. That’s true with people. You better come with it when you talk to God. You can waste a prayer and I see it done all the time. Normal people waste prayers. I like to say it like this, why waste God’s time? Fortunately for you, God isn’t bound or limited by time. Allow me to illustrate.

“Lord, will You bless this meal?” If you have a meal, that means He’s already blessed it. Since we’re here let me go with it. What sense does it make to ask God to do something in your life that you’re capable of doing? What about the times you’re praying over a situation and He’s already given you instructions on what to do next? Yet, you continue asking Him the same thing while you’ve not done a single thing. Who do you think you’re dealing with? You have more respect for your boss on the job than you do with Jesus. You have more respect for pastor than you do for God. What do you think this is and who you’re dealing with? We’re talking to God! 

You must have a fear of God. That’s called respect.

“Do not be wise in your own eyes [like normal people do]; fear the LORD [what’s not normal behavior] and shun evil.” – 

If you don’t respect God, it’s a sign that you don’t know Him. If you give your boss more respect, then God’s not God as far as you’re concerned. With this attitude you can save your requests, you’re saying you don’t need His help.

Let me see if I can wrap this up for today, go from here (this point) believing that God hears every word you have to say and leaving the thinking that He doesn’t behind. The problem with your prayer isn’t that He can’t hear you, but rather there’s a problem with you and what you know of Him.

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