What Gives Life?

We’re Not Alive Even Though We Breathe

“It is not the flesh [another normal person] that gives a person life [more than just breath in your lungs]. It is the spirit that gives life. The words I told you are spirit, and so they give life.” – bible.com/1359/jhn.6.63.icb

“It is not the flesh [another normal person] that gives a person life.”
Normal thinking will have you believe that a person can give life.
Life doesn’t come from a recipient of life, but the one who gave the recipient life.  

“It is the spirit that gives life.”
It’s “The Spirit”, the one who makes us unlike anyone else, that gives, this thing called life.
In other words, you’ve not lived until you come in contact with the One who has the ability to bring out your uncommon characteristics, your unique gifts, talents, and skills.  

If the Word is life and it is, without it we are not living. Without it, we’re not alive even though we breathe. Could it be that we aren’t living if we have no access or dependence on His word in our life?

iPray: Lord, Your words operate like seeds. When I plant them in my heart, help them grow; they give me “life”. So, I plant Your words in my life everyday because without it, I truly can not live.

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