Level 11- Love Replaces Lies With The Truth

The 16 Levels of Love – Part 12

Most people would rather skip past level-eleven.  At a first glance, I too wanted to run past level-eleven.  I had no idea what this level had to do with “love”.

What you may not know is there is but one major thing that can stand in the way of “love”.  That’s what level-eleven addresses; the one thing that stands in the way of love.  Early on we discussed where “love” originated, but we didn’t discuss where love’s opposite originated.

If God is the source of love (and He is), then the devil must be the source of its opposite.  God, who is love, gives us truth and the devil gives us lies that produce selfishness (love’s opposite).  He is the father of lies, he hates what’s true, what’s uncommon like love.  Think of it this way, if you can only get truth from God,  keeping in mind that 51% or better don’t know Him (for real), then that means the majority of people’s lives are influenced mostly by lies.  Welcome to level-eleven which says love learns how not to be influenced by the lies.

[Love] rejoices whenever the truth wins out.

To understand level-eleven love, we must get a better picture of what the word “truth” means.  We must realize that we live in a world that operates on something other than truth.  More time than not, when you bump into someone, it’s not truth that you’re getting.  I know you’re saying or wanting to ask…  Kerry, are you saying most people are lying to me?  Yes, because they don’t know any other way.  Being ordinary, normal, and natural is to lie.  In other words, truth doesn’t come naturally just like love doesn’t come naturally.

Truth: that which is true, God’s word, the concepts in your bible

In this case, we’re not talking about whether something is fact or not, but what is absolute truth.  Our society wants us to believe a lot as being truth, but it is not.  The reason being, if a person can make up the truth, then how can their truth be any different than my truth when I make it up?  This is why “love” must get back to what’s true.

Level-eleven: Love finds joy, delight, and satisfaction when truth wins out.
This level can be a bit of a shock because normal people want to believe that what they believe is truth.  In reality, they believe lies that the devil has set in motion.  Level-eleven is designed to help you see the lies for what they are and connect you with truth.

Love rejoices when truth wins out.
Here’s a small test.  How do you know when truth whens out?

Level-eleven’s Opposite
I’m going to do my best to give you some level-eleven opposites, but the problem is you might not be able to identify them as being the opposite of love.  We might be so unfamiliar with these that we can’t truly identify with them.  Let’s give it a try.

  • What are you doing to search out truth [God’s word] which illustrates the way to love?  [You see most people don’t make God’s word the prerequisite to love.]
  • Are you rejoicing when you find truth?
  • Do you apply the truth about your spouse to combat the lies society paints about them?
  • Do you see your significant other in the way God does?
  • Do you group [all] men or [all] women in a category that God doesn’t or wouldn’t?

If you’re struggling with these questions, welcome to the club.  That’s why level-eleven exists.  Love is used to imitate God as it relates to another human-being.  When the world, puts them down [lie], God with the truth picks them up.  When the world says you’re inferior [lie], God with truth (love) says you’re made in His image; you’re far from inferior.  Love rejoices when truth wins out.

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Having Level-eleven Love
Common: We accept what’s not true as if it were true and call it love.
When we accept society’s point-of-view on how to have a relationship, what it says is that I don’t love you.  For example, society says that you can fall out of love.  God can’t fall out of Himself and He can’t fall out of love for you.  Therefore, you can’t fall out of love with anyone.  You never loved in the 1st place because that’s normal or you decided not to love.

Uncommon (or No-Longer-Common): Love is a continuous learning experience in seeing beyond the lies society pushes toward us.
Normal is flawed, so we then ask the question how do I become something other than normal.  You’ll study your bible and apply it to the most important relationships in your life and experience love for the 1st time.

I know this was a tough level and tough lesson, but it’s a very important one.  If there is one takeaway, it would be this.  If you’re not influenced by God (truth), then you’re influenced by the devil (lies).  Only you know whether or not you’ve done the work to lean more toward the truth.

Finally, it’s that time; say this with me and insert your name in this sentence:
<Your name> rejoices when truth wins out in my relationships.

Question:  What can you name that you thought was truth, but is in fact a lie you’ve been unaware of?  Leave us a comment.

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