iPray: I need my very own Secretary of Prayer

King David appointed to an administration or cabinet (2 Samuel  20:23 -26 NLT) similar to what we see in the U.S. Government when appointed by the President when taking over the office.

David’s cabinet consisted of, at the least, the following:

  • Commander of the army of Isreal (Joab)
  • Captain of the king’s bodyguard (Jehoiada)
  • In charge of forced labor (Adoniram)
  • Royal historian (Jehoshaphat)
  • Court Secratary (Sheva)
  • Priests (Zadok and Abiathar)
  • Personal priest (Ira)

Are you surprised to see the priests and personal priest? Well you shouldn’t be. David’s success was a direct collaboration of His connection with God. He appointed (hired) a personal priest to maintain and be the person responsible to aid David in consulting God, the Most High, when making any and all decisions.

We should use this as an example of how to govern our own lives and decisions. We too need to have someone or something in place to ensure we consult God regarding our administration.

iPray: Lord, David appointed a personal priest to ensure his communications and connection with you. While, we might not have a person directly responsible for aiding us in this way, we take on the job of doing this ourselves. We are our own personal priest so that we can consult you regarding the administration of our lives. In Jesus’ name (now that’s uncommon).

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