What You Can Expect From Your Haters?

How to Get Excited At the Fact You Have Haters

Face-to-Face with Thirty-Thousand-Foot Oppositions, Barriers, and Setbacks – Part 1

I don’t want to scare you off, but you will battle opposition, barriers, and setbacks when you pray a thirty-thousand-foot prayer. John C. Maxwell says that “everything worthwhile in life is uphill.” That means life on default goes downhill in the direction of least resistance. If you want something that goes in a direction other than downhill, you must be prepared for the resistance. I believe this includes your prayer requests. The requests you have are worthwhile and therefore will be all uphill from here. If it were going to be simple more people would pray these prayers, see results, and see their prayers answered. If it were easy, it would be normal. It’s not easy then it isn’t normal. Are you ready for your uphill climb? Let me help you in your climb, but know you can make it to the top.


Your haters are coming for you.
Let me get in your face a little. This is for those who hate their haters. You can stop hating your haters. When you decided to go against the norm, you opened the door for haters. As soon as you decided to do what the majority won’t, you became okay with having haters.

“Sanballat was very angry when he learned that we were rebuilding the wall. He flew into a rage and mocked the Jews…” – bible.com/bible/116/NEH.4.1.NLT

Let’s take a look at Nehemiah whom we’ve been following as he has his thirty-thousand-foot prayer answered. 

“Sanballat was very angry when he learned that we were rebuilding the wall.”

Why in the world was Sanballat very angry? He wasn’t rebuilding the wall. No one he knew was rebuilding the wall. So why be so angry? Could it be that rebuilding the wall was an uncommon feat? Could it be that Nehemiah was doing what no one else would do? Could it be that you’re doing what others wish they had done? Haters. 

You want haters. Your haters will be angry with you, that’s the truth. You may never understand why haters hate you so much for doing what you’ve been called to do. However, take heart these haters are there for you, more on that in a second.

Your haters will belittle you, discredit you, and attempt to devalue you.
Get ready for the attacks. Get ready for the resistance. You see if you were traveling downhill you’d have the attention of no one. But because you’re going uphill, you’ve decided to take your life to the next level, and your haters will try to engage in a full on attack against you. They’ll even elicit the support of other do-nothings. 

“…saying in front of his friends and the Samarian army officers, “What does this bunch of poor, feeble Jews think they’re doing? Do they think they can build the wall in a single day by just offering a few sacrifices? Do they actually think they can make something of stones from a rubbish heap—and charred ones at that?” – bible.com/bible/116/NEH.4.2.NLT

It’s ordinary people who like to call others names, discredit, and even devalue them. When someone sees how good of a job you’re doing, they will not like it, especially when they think they’re better than you.

Remember Nehemiah was a cup-bearer. You are a…(whatever). Who do you think you are for trying to do something great? I give you permission to tell your haters you’re uncommon.

Before I make this next statement about Nehemiah, let me take a liberty to really speak to the people of faith. This text says “Do they think they can build the wall in a single day by just offering a few sacrifices?” You see your opposition wants to discredit your beliefs. If it’s your faith that drives you beyond normal constraints, don’t allow some ordinary person without faith to talk you out of it.
Nehemiah’s haters didn’t understand his act of making sacrifices.
Neither will your haters understand you tithing in the midst of financial uncertainty.
Neither will your haters understand you forgiving your friends and enemies.
Neither will your haters understand you getting on your knees and praying.
Neither will your haters understand your fasting and prayer.
Neither will your haters understand you reading your Bible and confessing God’s words.
The haters (who are common) can’t understand the believer (who are uncommon).  I say let them hate!

“Do they actually think they can make something of stones from a rubbish heap—and charred ones at that?”” 

This statement brings me joy. It shows me that your adversaries are noticing your God-like qualities. You’ve turned nothing into something. An invisible idea into faith. A dream into a reality. I say let them hate. Say this with me, “thank God for my haters.”

Your haters will speak out against you.
They will have jokes for you. They won’t take you seriously and they don’t believe you have what it takes to accomplish this thirty-thousand-foot prayer. You see, there have been some average, ordinary, normal, nothing special people who’ve tried what you’ve said you’re going to do, in the past. If you give in to their jokes and allow them to get into your thoughts, you’ll quit or be very tempted to quit just like the ones before you. That’s normal, but we’re about separating the ordinary from the extraordinary. The 1st class from the coach passengers. The people of barely making it and the people who excel at it. Before you give in, let me remind you of something.

“Tobiah the Ammonite, who was standing beside him, remarked, “That stone wall would collapse if even a fox walked along the top of it!”” – bible.com/bible/116/NEH.4.3.NLT

Why do those who are against you think they have the right to speak out against you? Why are they out to slow you down and get in your way? What would make them say you’re no good? What would make them laugh at you when…

  • you enrolled for those classes to further your education?
  • you decided to advance your career by applying for your bosses’ bosses position or starting your own company?
  • you gave your life to Jesus Christ?
  • you began mentoring students who are underprivileged?
  • you said “I do” to the significant other you’ve been dreaming of?

I think I know why they’re coming against you. Indulge me for just one more minute. They hate you because…

  • they wanted to enroll in those classes and further their education, but didn’t.
  • they wanted to advance their careers, but settled for where they are and have been for years.
  • they wanted to give their life to Jesus, but allowed popular culture to discredit such a notion.
  • they wanted to make a difference in the lives of young students, but were too selfish to make a sacrifice.
  • they wanted to be married, stay married, but were unwilling to do what it takes to be a good spouse.

They’re going to hate you because you represent all they wish they could be.

You get to have haters, you’ve chosen to have haters, you’re uncommon. Your haters will talk about you and try to make you feel inferior, but you’re not inferior. What you are is uncommon. Your haters will make jokes about you and speak out against you. When all this happens, simply say ‘so’.. So what that you have jokes. I’m uncommon and I’m on my way to see my thirty-thousand-foot prayer answered.

Question: Why are your haters hating on you?

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