Dreams: Your Reality That Awaits

Messages in Series

What Direction Are You Headed?
Is it possible that you’re going down the wrong path?  Sure it is; that’s what it means to be normal. To be uncommon, truly uncommon is to change paths.  In what direction are you headed? …Read More

Why the Road to Greatness is Narrow
There’s a dream inside of you that places you on a very narrow road.  Why? Because no one else has a dream like yours. To forsake that dream is to be ordinary and follow the road most traveled.  Find out here how you can go places very few can go. …Read More

You Might Be Someone’s Dream Waiting to Happen
I often wonder what happens to a person who doesn’t have a dream [an aspiration for their life].  Could this be you? Find out what tip I can offer to assist. You might be someone’s dream waiting to happen. …Read More

Dreams: The Journey to Greatness
Have you ever wondered why normal people don’t accomplish their big dreams?  It’s simple, that’s what normal people do. Find out why in Dreams: Your Journey to Greatness. …Read More

Making the Impossible Possible?
To truly become uncommon, you must do what normal people don’t.  Find out here how you can do something impossible. …Read More

Four Actions Every Dreamer Should Take
Learn four steps that extraordinary people take to move from plain ole ordinary to becoming uncommon. Take a look at 4 actions every dreamer should take. …Read More

It Takes Nothing More Than Words
I’ve found an example that describes what it’s like to have an impossible dream become a reality.  In this post, I outline the steps, check it out. …Read More

Can You Convince Your Family Of Your Gift?
There is one important indicator to validate your dream.  Can you get your family on board? Can you convince those closest to you of your gift? …Read More

FAQ: Why Can’t I Shake This Dream?
What will you do with that unshakeable dream?  Is your dream frightening or encouraging? Find out the difference here. …Read More

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