You Have Been Chosen to Be a Difference Maker

How Prayer is Designed to Make a Difference

What It Takes for You to Become the Difference – Part 1

Difference or making a difference simply means you’re not the same nor do you provide, produce, or give off what others would consider the same. Same is another way of saying normal, natural, or common.

You must be the difference, not the same.
I remember when Pamela was promoted in her career, the answer to one of our thirty-thousand-foot prayers. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a top leader in your company? While most of us do, this was not Pamela’s goal. Her plan was to support the mission for our family in making a difference in three areas: 1) create an online database for all Christian resource on the planet, 2) deliver the message of “no longer common”, when ordinary is not enough, and 3) using our gifts in helping others make running their life, their business. While we’re on the journey, our prayer led her to a position that one could not attain if they set out and planned such on their own. 

She had this idea of how a person in such a position is supposed to be. However, when we prayed about how she should approach the position, we were inspired not to be the same. In other words, the reason she was considered in the first place was because she wasn’t the same, average, ordinary person that everyone else was. That’s what makes a person a leader. My advice to her was that she must be different, not the same. They’re not looking for an average leader, which isn’t a leader at all. They’re looking for the difference maker. Someone who is not a regular, average person. Which will you be? You have an opportunity to inspire those whom you serve as a leader to be extraordinary in the areas where you serve.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss what it takes for you to not only make a difference, but become the difference.

  1. You have to remain unlike the rest.
    Have you ever considered why God says He wants you and me to be “holy” like Him? [1] Who else will? You must be “holy” which means exceptional, not like anyone else, because there aren’t many who will. And to be Frank, you can be, because He wants to help You.


  2. You cause others to go to the next level.
    When you’re uncommon, it opens the door for others to follow. The most attractive people you know and those you admire are people who are uncommon. Have you noticed that most people, the majority, rarely pay any attention to what’s normal? However, you do look for what everyone else is capable of doing. You look for that which very few are doing. The uncommon.


  3. You cause ordinary things to become extraordinary.
    It’s by your prayer that you cause ordinary things to become extraordinary. This is where things get good. If your life represents or has results that any other person can get, no one is looking at you. But when you learn how to make what’s ordinary about you into something extraordinary, then and only then will you ever become the difference that makes the difference.

The thirty-thousand-foot prayer might answer a pressing need, but in the middle of it, it transforms one into a difference maker. Because of what it will make of you, it brings you before kings, influencers that you get to now influence. Are you ready to sit and talk to kings? That’s where your bigger-than-life prayer will take you.

Questions: are you tired of things being the same as they’ve always been?

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Reference #1: 1 Peter 1:16 NLT‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬,, accessed February 4, 2021,

All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights. 

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