The Only Way to Describe God

How would you describe God?  Would you use words that could be used to describe a human-being?

I want to talk to you about the one word in the Bible that can characterize, or better yet the most popular word to describe God.  It’s a word that we’ve taken the time to define or in many cases redefine over the last few weeks. If there is one word in the Bible that can best describe God, what would that be?  “Holy!”

Normal thinking begins to alter our definition of the word holy and how we use it to reference God. The word becomes something more than what we define; it’s now “sacred and divine”. We put it out of human reach.  BTW – the words sacred and divine mean the exact thing that we’ve defined in our previous web-posts. Separate. Uncommon.  Not like anything or anyone else.

The truth is God puts this word back in our reach.  He has made us in His “holy” image.  He has given us guidelines to be “holy” because He is.

So, since He has placed the word ‘holy’ within our reach, what does that mean for you and me?
Here are three elements that place “holy” within our grasp:

1. God is “holy” and wants you to be.  
It’s worth repeating, we are created in His image.  Now when we say that God is holy what are we really saying?  How does it impact me being holy? Consider this, every attribute of God make Him “holy”.  When we perform in any way that resembles God we too are “holy”. When we speak life into a situation, we’re “holy”.  When we take time to pray, like Jesus practiced, then we are “holy”. The attributes of God are uncommon, unnatural and thusly “holy”.  

2. God gave us His word, our Bible, which makes us “holy.”
You have to admit living a life without reading The Bible is common.  Reading it not only makes you uncommon, it gives you principles and practices that make you “holy”.

3. God gave us His Spirit to make sure that we would never have to be common.  
You now have help to ensure that you are not normal, natural, common and ordinary.

God has gone through great lengths to, do one thing and one thing only, make you something other than common.  Believe me when I say this “holy is not what you think.”

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