Are You Prepared to Defend Your Prayer?

On The Defense

Giving Your Prayer the Defense It Needs – Part 1

Let’s go ahead and prepare for it, predators, and those who don’t want to see you succeed are coming. So you’ll have to defend your thirty-thousand-foot prayers. Get ready, your requests and the actions you must take will be put to the test. Are you ready for it? If so, you’re in a win-win situation; stay with us.

In most sports, one must prepare to take two positions: offense and defensive. The offense is in your control as it’s based on what you plan to do and how you execute that plan. The defense, however, is totally different. You might not know what your opponent is going to do to try and stop your plans; to keep you from successfully executing those plans. So in this regard you must not only be prepared to run with your plan, but defend it against what’s trying to keep you from success. Trying to keep you from becoming extraordinary. Trying to keep you from achieving greatness. 

“I realized they were plotting to harm me…” – Nehemiah 

In this next set of messages we want to help you prepare to defend your thirty-thousand-foot prayer, your dreams, and your biggest goals. Again I ask, are you ready? Let me share with you what you can expect over the course of these next several lessons.

  1. Make sure you have a real reason for going after it.
    Look for the real reason you’re in the middle of this. Chances are good that you started out on one mission, but it turned into something far different. For Nehemiah it was building a wall, but he soon found himself in a campaign fighting for his hometown people. What he thought he’d gone to do quickly changed into something more worthwhile. Now that you’ve been working towards your dream, what real reason for doing such has arisen for you?
  2. Be prepared to act when no one else will.
    Take action when no one else will. I can assure you that because most people are normal, there will come a day that you’ll have to do something alone. You have to take action because no one else is; normal people don’t act. You won’t always have people in your corner. This means that sometimes you must act when everyone else is afraid to.
  3. Focus on the people who win because of your successful mission.
    Remember there are people on the other side of the mission. The purpose for what you’re doing, especially if it’s a God-inspired dream, will be people who will benefit from what you’re doing on the other side of the mission. No matter what you think is happening there are people who need what you have. In Nehemiah’s world, it was never about the wall, but rather the people. In your world it’s not about your desire, it’s about those people whom it impacts.
  4. Quickly identify the plots forming against you.
    Let me be the one, even if I’m the only one, that’s hated for going after my dream. Be on the lookout for the plots forming against you. There are people who wish you’d just quit and give up, but you can’t. Open your eyes and see those who are trying to derail you. When you hear that voice questioning what you’re doing with evil intentions, you need to be prepared for it. You need to see the threats that are out there trying to stop your progress. Listen, “normal” is like a plague, it tries to find a way into your life, your world, so that it can turn your life upside down. That’s normal, but we’re not talking about how to be normal, we’re talking about how to be exceptional. Be on the lookout.
  5. Don’t underestimate the rumors spoken against you.
    Don’t be fooled; rumors are attacks that can derail you. You can not give that stuff the time of day. I’ve heard it said that the best way to defend yourself, have a defense for your opponents, is to be successful. Let your achievements, progress, and momentum do the speaking for you. It’s the only defense you have against rumors.
  6. Brace for the attacks that come from within.
    There will be threats from within. How can I state this simply, you will be betrayed. Not everyone who says they are for you are for you. Not everyone who should go along with you, is actually going along with you. There are people on your team, coming from within, who will threaten your progress. Be ready to move onward any way. Don’t let this set you back, wish them well and keep moving.
  7. Let your response be with prayer.
    The answer to it all is prayer. This is the most important point. Because what you’re doing has never been done. It’s not a normal practice. No one has attempted it before, so you’ll need to do some praying. You might not call God by the name anyone else calls Him, but you must call Him nonetheless. I got that from Steve Harvey. Even if you call it talking to yourself. What you’re trying to accomplish can’t be done by normal conventions, therefore you need an uncommon approach and that’s where prayer comes in.

You’ve heard of a to-do-list, but what about a not to-do-list. There are some things you need to have listed that you just can’t waste your time doing. These are things you’re not to do. In this analogy, the to-do-list represents your offense and your not-todo-list represents your defense. Using both an offensive plan and a defensive plan gives your thirty-thousand-foot prayer a greater advantage towards its success. 

Question: What defensive tactic are you using to give yourself the best chance for success?

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