Introduction to Beyond the Thirty-Thousand-Foot Prayer

What It Looks Like to Get Beyond the Prayer I Prayed?

Beyond the Thirty-Thousand-Foot Prayer – Part 1

Having your thirty-thousand-foot prayer answered is amazing. Most people call it a miracle. When we have a larger than life prayer answered, there’s no other explanation than God. However, when this happens, what we might not realize is there is more that follows the answered prayer that is even the more amazing. What happens following the thirty-thousand-foot prayer is answered is unexpected. If you thought getting a thirty-thousand-foot prayer answered was good news, it’s what happens next or afterwards, that’s even better news. There’s a benefit for enduring the work, the trials, and determination of seeing your thirty-thousand-foot prayer beyond completion. Let’s talk about the benefits in this next series of messages. Here’s what you can expect over the next few weeks.

1) You won’t return to your original state.
I can’t say this enough. Prayer is not a normal thing. It’s not something that produces a normal result. Therefore once a person prays a thirty-thousand-foot prayer and works it through to completion, that person can no longer, will longer, be the same. It’s hard to understand how it happens or even when it happens. Somehow along the journey, you begin to change and as you continue towards the answer, the more you change and become what the church calls “a new creation.” I like to say it this way. When you make a request of God and He responds, there is no way you will be left the same as when you came in. What I’ve discovered when someone accepts Jesus, really accepts Him, they are no longer left the same. They have a favored life and become great, uncommon, unlike anyone else in their own right. Others can’t understand it, but they recognize that the person is no longer the same. They’re no longer average, normal, ordinary, or mediocre.

2) You must be the difference, not the same.
I remember when Pamela was promoted in her career, the answer to a thirty-thousand-foot prayer. She had this idea of how a person in such a position is supposed to be. However, when we prayed about how she should approach the position, we were inspired not to be the same. In other words, the reason she was considered in the first place was because she wasn’t the same, average, ordinary person that everyone else was. That’s what makes a person a leader. My advice to her was that she must be different, not the same. They’re not looking for an average leader, which isn’t a leader at all. They’re looking for the difference maker. Which will you be? You have an opportunity to inspire those whom you serve as a leader to be extraordinary in the areas they serve. 

3) You can exclude normal.
Excluding normal means you include something else. That’s called uncommon. When you’ve become a leader and done what normal people haven’t, others are inspired by how you did it. You now have the opportunity to lead others to greatness. For example, if you’re Tiger Woods, the well-known professional golfer, as a person at the top of his game, he has the opportunity now to lead others to a place of greatness in his area of giftedness. The same is true at every level. When you’re great in your area of gifting, then you have what others need to become great themselves. By excluding normal and including uncommon, you get the opportunity to share what you have with others. Your philosophies begin to spread beyond what normal philosophies can that keep others normal can.

With this series being the last one in “The Thirty-Thousand-Foot Prayer”, we want to take note of what it affords you. Praying a thirty-thousand-foot prayer is never about that huge prayer request you originally prayed, it’s about God (to whom you prayed) using it for much more than you could have originally seen possible. It affords you a few benefits: 1) you won’t be able to return to your original state, 2) you get to be a difference maker in the lives of others, and 3) you get to lead others to greatness they never thought was possible.

Question: Are you ready for what happens after you’ve prayed?

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