The Best-est Friend

Introducing The Friend of All Friends

What Normal People Don’t Want You To Know About The Holy Ghost – Part 6

Who couldn’t use a friend?  What about a friend who has God-like powers?

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ [The Savior], the love of God [The Creator], and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit [The Friend] be with you all.” –

The role God plays in your life will surprise you.

Let’s talk about the roles God can play in your life.  Scripture defines a God who has varying roles or personalities.  In this web-post, I’ll show you three personality types you need to know about.  Let me say this while I’m here. Ordinary people know very little about God, so they have no idea that God has these three personality types.

  1. The Savior. As Jesus, He gives you what you didn’t deserve. In other words, God’s personality as The Son is a savior who does what He does without you having to do a thing.  He saves you just because you belong to Him like your children belong to you.
  2. The Creator.  As God, He is Father (One who births), Author (One who writes your story), and Creator (One who makes something out of nothing).  With in this personality type, He is The One who expresses love towards us unlike any we’ve ever known or seen.
  3. The Friend.As Holy Spirit, He is my friend, your friend.  In this 3rd personality type, He is The One who desires to be close to you.   This is the personality type that overlooks your flaws, problems, and shortcomings.  This is the personality type that can relate to you, being you. This personality type is the one that requires some quality time: long walks, conversations, sipping coffee together, and sharing every moment of life.

You see ordinary people are missing out on this close relationship because they don’t know these relationships actually exist.  “Holy is not what they think it is.” They believe “holy” is an exclusive term that keeps them out, but “holy” is an attribute that draws you in.  We have enough ways, things, and rules to keep us out, we need a friend who brings us in even when we deserve to be out.

Normal people stop at personality type two (The Savior) when it comes to God.  They know that Jesus saves and that God is Father, but have messed up thinking when it comes to God’s Spirit, the most important of the three personality types as it relates to our interacting.  It’s the one as humans we need the most-friendship.

Developing this intimate friendship

You can often find me (what it looks like) talking to myself, but in fact I’m talking to my friend.  If you had the perfect friend, what would he/she be like? Now multiply that by thousands and you don’t even come close to having God as your friend.  What I’m getting ready to ask you leaves the realm of normal and will land you in the realm of being uncommon. Why don’t you begin a friendship with God today?

Couldn’t you use a friend unlike any other?  When I discovered God had these unique personality types, it was obvious that the third is the one that goes missing and missed out on.  The purpose of God’s third personality type is to be a friend. Think about that, one of His best traits wants nothing more than to befriend you.

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