All I Want for Christmas is Rest

This question came to me during the Christmas season.  I’d never thought of it before.   Why is Christmas the last week of the year?  It could have easily been the beginning or at some other time.  But why the end of the year.  Don’t forget I never claim to have all the answers, but I do have at least one answer.  In this case, just a thought that could take your ordinary Christmas and make it extraordinary.

Have you ever considered that Christmas is the last week of the year?
Why?  In just a week past Christmas, it will be the new year.  New Year’s day is exactly 7 days past Christmas.  Is this just a coincidence?  Of course not, God is smarter than that.  This combination of Christmas and New Year’s is perfectly situated.  Why?
An Uncommon Idea
I have an idea, an uncommon one, that might bring you a better perspective of Christmas or at least a different perspective.  The last day of the week is designed to bring one rest.  Scripture says that after He [God] completed all His work, He rested.  In this way, Christmas can represent the deadline for all your work to be completed.  It’s the last week of the year just like the seventh day is the last day of the week.  There has to be a time where the work comes to an end.

Even the story of Santa Claus supports this notion.  He and the elves work all year to create and deliver gifts to all the good girls and boys.  They work all year to accomplish this tasks and it all culminates on Christmas morning.  The work is complete.  Then it’s time to rest before the work begins again.

All year long we work hard.  Normal people work, continue to work and forget to rest.  They actually put more work in at Christmas, dual duty for the workplace and for home.  Normal people don’t see or know the value of rest.  Rest is one of the most important things you can do to be the best you.  Studies have proven this.  The uncommon, on the other hand, during this time of year make the time to rest.  They complete all they can for the year, but on this last week, they rest from all their work and normal routine activities.  Which are you common or uncommon?

Christmas is the Gift of Rest
Christmas is your deadline to complete all that you’ve done so that on the other side of it you can rest.  If you set it as your deadline, you’ll work to be completed by this 25th day of December so that you can rest this last week of the year.  Even though some might still have to physically work, it doesn’t mean you can’t be in a place of rest.  Even Jesus said [the meaning of Christmas] if you come to me I will give you rest.  He wants to give you rest always, so why not receive this gift during the Christmas season.  Rest which is not something ordinary people have,  is available for you.  Don’t leave this gift under the tree for someone else this Christmas when it has your name in it.

The Season of Rest
Could it be that one of the reasons Christmas isn’t enjoyable for most is because normal folk don’t know how to rest in it?  Maybe it’s the one thing missing from your holiday that provides for you the best start to the new year.  Without this rest or break from the norm, your year of work will just seem continuous.  Maybe “the rest” that Christmas offers is the one thing that can set you up for the uncommon — success in the coming new year.  

It’s time you made Christmas your period of rest.  From my family to yours, we wish you rest for Christmas.

Question: What would having a week of rest make happen for you?  Leave us a comment below.

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