An Overview of the 30 Thousand Foot Prayer

The Concept of a 30 Thousand Foot Prayer

Introduction to the 30 Thousand Foot Prayer

We’re finally beginning our new and latest content at  Before we get to the meat of it, allow me to start with its theme. The theme will be the subject or rally cry for all the messages in the next set of series to come.  This content uses the experience of flying above 30 thousand feet in the same way people view prayer. Using this experience we will give insight to the reason few people get the results they are looking for when they pray.  Yes, it’s true very few people see real results from prayer and its normal. Go figure. How common is it for a person to say I prayed and my prayer wasn’t answered? You must admit that’s normal. In this content we are following the life of a guy named Nehemiah and will show you how the prayers of uncommon people get answered more times than not and we will show you how to become one of them.  This content is guaranteed to help one bring their 30 thousand foot prayer down to (the ground) where they’re standing in a place to see everyday results. Wouldn’t you like to experience everyday results when you prayer? Well you can and you will.

Over the course of several months, we will cover the topics necessary to uncover what few know and get you there.   The list of topics to be presented are as follows:

  • Understanding the 30 thousand foot prayer.
    For too long, I’ve heard people, my friends, and even my family say their prayer went unanswered.  I also know too many folks who’ve given up on prayer, misuse it, and frankly just don’t know how to do it, pray that is.  So, we’ve decided to do something about it, since I have over four decades of prayer experience. We want to help those interested get from 10% answered prayer results to greater than 90% answered prayers.  Is that really possible? You’ll just have to stay with me through the next several months to find out.
  • The reasons it’s called a 30 thousand foot prayer.
    We have what I call the 30 thousand foot (unanswered) prayers.  Have you ever had such a big problem with no answer in sight that the only solution is prayer?  Or maybe your situation seemed so impossible to happen that even God couldn’t help? That’s what we call a 30 thousand foot prayer.  It’s so big, it’s inconceivable to see a way out. However, I assure you there is and there is nothing impossible with God. Stay with me and you’ll see for yourself.
  • 30 thousand foot prayers take 30 thousand foot actions.
    We must discuss how the 30 thousand foot prayer takes actions that a simple prayer doesn’t?  The 30 thousand foot prayer will require a whole lot more out of you. You won’t be let off the hook to take actions of faith just because you prayed.  Your work is just beginning. Prayer is the beginning of your work. Are you ready to begin the journey of having your 30 thousand foot prayer answered?  Join our journey of exploration over the next few months, if you will.
  • The work you must put into the 30 thousand foot request. 
    You might not know this but there is work you must put into seeing your own 30 thousand foot prayer answered.  You’d be surprised at what God will ask you to do when you’re asking Him to do something, especially the big requests.  Are you sure you want to ask God for something “big”? Find out what all is involved once you do. Stay tuned.
  • Facing the 30 thousand foot oppositions, barriers, and setbacks.
    I don’t want to scare you off, but you will battle opposition, barriers, and setbacks when you pray a 30 thousand foot prayer.  John C. Maxwell says that “everything worthwhile in life is uphill.” I believe this includes your prayer requests. The requests you have are worthwhile and therefore will be all uphill from here.  If it were going to be simple more people would pray these prayers, see results, and see their prayers answered. It would be normal and that’s not normal. Are you ready for your uphill climb? Let me help you in your climb, but know you can make it to the top.
  • Defending your 30 thousand foot prayer request.
    Let’s go ahead and prepare for it, predators and those who don’t want to see you succeed are coming.  So you’ll have to defend your 30 thousand foot prayers. Get ready, your requests and the actions you must take will be put to the test.  Are you ready for it? If so, you’re in a win-win situation; stay with us.
  • See the 30 thousand foot prayer through to the end.
    Are you dedicated enough to see your 30 thousand foot prayer through to completion?  Are you willing to see your prayer request through to the end? Most are not. In fact, in this fast paced and impatient society of ours if it’s not quick then it’s not worth waiting on.  Well I have some news for those with a 30 thousand foot prayer and dream, be careful what you’re asking for. A 30 thousand foot prayer will not only be a challenge but will change your life.  Are you ready to have your life altered in this way? Altered by a God-sized answer? If so, continue on this journey with us.
  • After the 30 thousand foot prayer is answered. 
    What happens following the 30 thousand foot prayer is answered, too, is unexpected.  If you thought getting a 30 thousand foot prayer answered was good news, it’s what happens next or afterwards, that’s even better news.  There’s a benefit for enduring the work, the trials, and determination of seeing a 30 thousand foot prayer beyond completion.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?  After speaking with a number of people, getting an understanding on prayer so that it produces more often than not is high on the list.  So over the next several months, taking each topic outlined above, we’re planning to give you what no other person has ever given. The keys to go from 10% answered prayers to 90% or better.  The bible says that “since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.”  Notice it makes two important statements: 1) we know He hears us and 2) we know He will give us what we ask for.  I believe and I’m going to help you believe that this statement is true. That’s the goal, it’s possible and I know it first-hand.  Let us give it to you.

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