You Can Achieve Your God-Given Mission with the Right Help

No Longer Common in Scripture

“And the Lord God said, ‘It isn’t good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him [something unlike anything he’d ever seen] , a helper suited to his needs’.” (Genesis 2:18 LB)

No Longer Common Today

Do you pride yourself on your ability to stand alone and become completely independent from everybody else around you? Self-reliance and self-sufficiency is one of the traits that society emphasizes to be a form of strength, but this can be a bad thing. Too often, in our effort to be independent from others, we fail to build the kind of relationships that we should be having. And too often, this is the reason why people end up feeling emptiness in their lives, leaving them so alone.

Week-6aIt is Valentine’s week, and it is once again time for people to either be spending time with their loved ones, or taking pride in the fact that they are able to stand alone. To those who have found the kind of partner that gives them strength and pushes them to become better individuals, you have fulfilled a big part of what God has always wanted for you. However, to those who have not yet found the partner meant for them, there is a big chance that they are missing out on their true potential to accomplish bigger and better things if only they had the person God has prepared for them by their side.

It is not romanticizing, and neither is it wishful thinking. This is a promise given by the Lord, and His promises are always fulfilled. God does not want you to be alone. He wants you to have the kind of partner who will walk with you through life following His path. You just need to be faithful and accept that although you can live alone, you will never truly live life in happiness and peace in this state.

iPray Everyday

Lord, thank you for sending us helpers who will make us better people and help us fulfill the missions that you have set for us. We pray for guidance as we find the right partner, and once we have found them, we choose You to become the binding force to make our relationships stronger. In Jesus’ name.

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